voidf1sh (Skylar)

Gender: Nonbinary/Agender
Pronouns: They/Them or She/Her
Stare into the Void and the Void will stare back into you.Hello, I'm Skylar, most people call me Sky. Online I go by voidf1sh or vfsh. I'm 26 and live in the beautiful state of Maine. I work as a help desk technician in higher education.In my spare time I do some amateur software development, mostly Discord bots. I'm most comfortable in JavaScript/Node but can bodge things together in Python and shell scripting. I'd like to get better at web development, I've only dabbled in it before and only ever made Web-1.0-esque sites.I also do photography now and then with my Sony a5100 and DJI Mini 2. I mostly do landscape and nature photography, with some train- and plane-spotting mixed in as well. I'm slowly getting better at taking portraits too.Sometimes I play games, but I'm not very good at them. My favorites include GTAV (offline), Diablo III and IV, and God of War.I've been using Linux off-and-on since 2009, occasionally using Linux as my primary OS. Currently I'm using EndeavourOS dual-booted with MacOS on a 2015 MacBook Pro.I've been self-hosting various services since 2011, starting with static web pages, then Minecraft servers, and eventually moving into more complex stacks. At the moment I have two physical servers (repurposed desktop machines): one running Unraid with most of my services in Docker containers, the other running Ubuntu Server. Here's some of what I'm currently self-hosting:
=> Multiple static websites
=> Multiple Discord bots
=> NAS
=> MariaDB and PostgreSQL
=> LibreSpeed
=> Speedtest Tracker
=> Grafana/Prometheus Monitoring
=> Piwigo Photo Gallery
=> HomeAssistant
=> Nextcloud
Feel free to reach out to me on these platforms:
=> Discord: @vfsh
=> Firefish/Mastodon:
==>@[email protected]
==>@[email protected]
=> Email: [email protected]